You have a number of everyday applications, some of them is not very "fresh" and is not supported, but work well; and some fairly new and modern applications, and perhaps some applications that only plan to use. You wonder: «How to increase the productivity of your software solutions?»?


The first thing that comes to mind - combines everything and gets it to work together. But how to combine seemingly so different things?


Simple Solution: If your products are developed by Microsoft, then you can use the application API (such functionality offered by many modern products, but not all). What to do if it's impossible? And then many developers reject, but we are ready to help. Single solution in these tasks usually not. But using an individual approach, we can achieve the seemingly unachievable results. This is achieved by combining database and file storages, processing of user interface, the use of layers and additional libraries, etc. If your products can be combined - we combine them.


Combined use of software products reveals their maximum potential!