Products included in Microsoft OfficeMS Word; we send these documents by e-mail and set reminders in its calendar using MS Outlook. We create data tables in MS Excel or in a graphic editor MS VisioMS Access - and it's all as easy as pie. We copy text from one application to another, we correct and format the data, even not noticing that we do dozens or even hundreds of routine actions that add up to minutes, those minutes add up to hours - It's our working day or our free time.


How to save our time?


All products Microsoft, not just MS Office, but, for example, MS Internet Explorer, have the ability to create extensions which, in turn, allow supplementing the existing functional properties necessary for you. You can invent a lot of extensions, for example, the creation of mailing of MS Outlook using data from MS Excel, or an add-in for Internet Explorer; you can store all the links from the page in MS Access or MS Excel.


In addition to the add-ins, it is possible to gain access to Microsoft products outside. This allows you to manipulate data and objects MS Office directly from your project that will ensure the most effective use of time. The complexity of these interactions is limited only by your needs and your flight of fancy.


Manage your time optimally!