1. Proscribe


Offline CRM, with the ability to synchronize with the overall server. Management system for private doctors. Allows you to keep track of patients, their medical history, diagnosis, referrals for tests and procedures, diagnosis of their results. There is a possibility to make appointment, to viewing summary reports and recipe printing. Data synchronization allows accumulating data about the patient, obtained by different doctors.

2. Sky King


The classic arcade game in which the airplane using bombs and machine gun destroys all possible opponents, both on the ground and in the air. The game has the enemy with artificial intelligence.

3. Visio3D


Visualizer that allows MS Visio document - a two-dimensional model of the pavilion, to represent in the 3D format. The resulting representation can be rotated and you can move inside. This gives full effect of the presence at the planning stage of the exhibition.

4. Cell Management System


System of operational control of manufacturing of gaming machines. Allows to maintenance of the product range and their components, display the current status of production, perform audits, assign tasks and monitor their execution. Gets summary reports and print documents.

5. bHot


Automated applications testing. The user or automatically generated scenarios that mimic the actions of the user who is working with the application.


6. Workmon


Monitoring of subordinate persons. Allows you to remotely monitor the amount of time spent in a particular program, as well as downtime. It is not touching data the user is working with.


7. DiDiO - Summary


It’s specialized module that does not have its own data store, and accumulating data of the base TeamWox modules. Also used is not a standard filtration system with faster access and more features of the user interface.

8. DiDiO - Orders


It's specialized module with possibility of entering user data. The module uses its own data as well as data received from other modules. This example illustrates the full-featured user module.

9. DiDiO - YaZm


Hardware-software complex consisting of: video surveillance, audio recording, hardware control system, system of interaction and joint storage of data. This complex is used for facilities with special access for additional control of devices, instruments and staff which works with them.

10. DiAutoTrader


The program complex automation of trading. Operates by processing the user interface of trading program. Based on these information takes pre-specified solutions, as well as notify manager via email and Skype.

11. UltravioletCashDesk


The monitoring system of cash registers in supermarkets. Works in conjunction with CCTV - Intelligence. On the video, obtained from surveillance cameras installed near the cash registers, superimposed text information about the transaction, passing at the checkout. Processed results allows you to quickly identify and resolve conflicts and reveal not bona fide employees.

12. Afterlogic Sync Add-in for Outlook


MS Outlook add-in designed for company Afterlogic. Add-in synchronizes contacts, calendars and events between DAV server account and MS Outlook account.

13. Phone Finch IE Addin


Add-in for MS Internet Explorer. Designed to handle phone numbers stored in your account and available phone numbers of the current web page.

14. Outlook Archiver


Application developed for Productive Software. Designed for automatic archiving of email messages on specified conditions which are stored in MS Outlook.

15. SoonrOutlookAddin


MS Outlook add-in designed for file storage Soonr, company Manage Protect. The Add-in syncs user's account Soonr and MS Outlook. You can search files in MS Outlook using Soonr methods as well as other functions.

16. Stern Pinball Tracker


Auxiliary application for the production of game machines. Is used to control the executing requests for repair and modernization of equipment, finished products, as well as their sub-assemblies. Project can to export data to MS Excel and print documents.