1. Proscribe


Offline CRM, with the ability to synchronize with the overall server. Management system for private doctors. Allows you to keep track of patients, their medical history, diagnosis, referrals for tests and procedures, diagnosis of their results. There is a possibility to make appointment, to viewing summary reports and recipe printing. Data synchronization allows accumulating data about the patient, obtained by different doctors.

2. Visio3D


Visualizer that allows MS Visio document - a two-dimensional model of the pavilion, to represent in the 3D format. The resulting representation can be rotated and you can move inside. This gives full effect of the presence at the planning stage of the exhibition.

3. Cell Management System


System of operational control of manufacturing of gaming machines. Allows to maintenance of the product range and their components, display the current status of production, perform audits, assign tasks and monitor their execution. Gets summary reports and print documents.

4. bHot


Automated applications testing. The user or automatically generated scenarios that mimic the actions of the user who is working with the application.

5. Workmon


Monitoring of subordinate persons. Allows you to remotely monitor the amount of time spent in a particular program, as well as downtime. It is not touching data the user is working with.